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Feelings, by the Aanonymous Band

" If you have a proclivity to appreciate melancholy music Feelings will most likely be one of your favorite albums this year. For those afraid to dwell in the darkness for too long this album will have a time and place. At it best Feelings can feel like a self-reflective meditation that like-minded souls can empathize with and briefly patch up their own pain." From No More  Division  (4/5).

Feelings is the first record from the Aanonymous Studios.

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The music can be purchased at CD Baby (flac and mp3), itunes and most digital music distributors (44/16 edition).

The  48/24 (master edition) is available at Bandcamp.

Download the highest possible resolution to enable listening to the full dynamic range of the master edition.

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You can download the music for any price you like (including 0 $) at Bandcamp! The reason for this is simple, the music is available at a number of pirate sites. We decided to FIGHT back and give everyone possibility to download for free, without breaking any laws!

If you like what you hear and want to pay, download a new copy and give it  to a friend.

Watch (and listen: the Aart series)

The Aart series includes visual impressions performed by our talented friends.

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If you want to become a member of the Aanonymous Aart team, , send a line to aanonymous@aanonymous.se

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