Aanonymous Studios

The mission

We want the listener to have the feeling of being "there". All the recording and mixing is and will be  monitored using high-end stereo equipment (we do not uncover the brands until they pay...). All to ensure the best possible  listening experience. The master edition are  released as 48/24 (or 96/24), offering the listener the dynamic range and resolution we used in the mastering.

Technical stuff

If you want to read about the importance of dynamic range and resolution,

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The Aanonymous band

The initial Aanonymous band consists of:

Björgvin Hjörvarsson, composing, recording, mixing, bass, guitars, synth

Ragnar Zolberg, composing, singing, guitar, keyboard.

Leo Margarit joined us with his fabulous  drumming.

Some words from a friend abut "Feelings"

"This album has such a strong emotional impact, so thats what the mastering process had to be based on.

The main goal was to maintain the dynamic character of the songs and at the same time get the intensity out. The masters have a dynamic range of 8-9, a value that felt pretty comfortable for the overall balance at the time. A small touch of reverb was added in order to give a live feeling and blend everything together in the mix. No corrective EQ was used in the process, besides a simple 22hz lowcut filter in order to cut the extreme low end. The use of two Harmonic Exciters in the chain, among others, helped the cymbals to shine through. This gave a "three dimensional" feeling to the result, by making the drummer sound closer, something really prominent in the 48/24 version especially."

George Nerantzis

Dugout Production

The visual Art

Feelings are universal and all forms of arts have been used to try to capture and provoke feelings.

Our minds have windows to the outer world. Seeing and hearing are two important ones. We  use these windows in our way, integrating music and visual impressions: Elli and Ingimar will both release visual expressions of  the music and the lyrics you hear on "Feelings" during 2016.

Ok, you probably guessed it by now, there is a strong Icelandic connection. This  provided a great opportunity to involve these fantastic painters, artists with completely different styles and approaches.We are really looking forward to see  the outcome.

First out was Elli who made the painting which was used when designing the cover. This piece of art is  taken from his  series on  "Hugverur" which can be  translated as  "mind beings".

A more  suitable framework for the music is difficult to imagine.

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